Asian-style vegetables with rice

Aliciouslyvegan: Meal planning for a week of hiking

For our recent stay at Achensee we decided to rent an apartment to not only save money but also for maximum flexibility in regards to eating. It’s not always easy to find vegan food in rural Austria and I didn’t want to take any chances (also, I may be the reason the word “hangry” was originally invented).

Our apartment at Ferienhaus Unger in Pertisau, on the Southern tip of the lake had a beautiful, fully equipped kitchen that made preparing our meals a real pleasure. On our way from Vienna we stopped at a supermarket to buy groceries so we would only have to stock up on fresh fruit and veg during the week.


For breakfast we had oats with almond milk, fresh bread (they hang it on your door in the wee hours of the morning) with different sorts of Vegavita spreads (because – unlike may others – they don’t contain any added sugar), along with fresh fruit and veg.


Lunch consisted mostly of the sandwiches or dinner leftovers (lentils, pasta) we packed and ate on some mountain or other – with gorgeous views of our surroundings. I had treated myself to my first packed of Violife cheese (which I loved!) and Veggyness Veganslices salami and built sandwiches like there was no tomorrow.


I had made a dinner plan beforehand so we could buy most items at once on our way to Pertisau and this worked out really well. For dinners we had:

  • potatoes with broccoli and zucchini
  • gnocchi with tomato sauce and garlic bread
  • pasta with veg sauce and garlic bread
  • tortellini with veg sauce
  • lentil-veg curry with rice
  • falafel with tomato-based sauce and garlic bread
  • Asian-style veg with rice
  • pizza (on our last day)

…and a big bowl of salad with almost every dinner.

Asian-style vegetables with rice
Asian-style vegetables with rice
Falafel in tomato sauce with zucchini and garlic bread
Falafel in tomato sauce with zucchini and garlic bread
Pizza at Via Pasto in Pertisau
Pizza at Via Pasto in Pertisau


To keep me going during the day I had brought a good selection of bars – all of them free of added sugars since I’m participating in a 30-day sugar free challenge right now. Mr A is more of a biscuit and crisps person and likes the odd chocolate bar. Which is great because we don’t get in each other’s pantry way.

My favourites were cherry-flavoured life bars, nakd pecan pie and raw bite cashew.

Nana-raspberry ice cream with blueberries and roasted pecans
Nana-raspberry ice cream with blueberries and roasted pecans
What is your favourite treat when you’re hiking? Anything you can recommend that is both quickly prepared and filling?

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