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Coming across a new venue that offers vegan brunch in a smoke free environment I will always be eager to give it a try. My latest find in this category is Green PS Cafe–Bar–Shop at Shinergy Zone in the 9th district and we went to their New Year’s brunch last Sunday. It was only the second time they actually offered brunch but the food had definitely been tried and tested before – because simply everything was delicious!

The place is really small – only three tables, a bar and a few shelves with Sonnentor teas, protein powders and “superfoods” – and I was more than surprised that they weren’t packed to the rafters. How can this be?!

There are tons of vegans in Vienna and not all of them need to watch every cent. Is this place so new that word hasn’t spread or did I miss something? Needless to say, I didn’t mind not having to wait in line to get to all those lovelies lined up for me to sample.

As always when food is buffet-style, I will do my best to taste everything so as not to miss anything – then have seconds of the things I especially liked. I must say that in this respect I failed since there were just too many different dishes to choose from and Patricia (the owner) and her team kept bringing out new bowls and plates every other minute.

Green PS bread

Green PS pickles & spreads

I had: wonderful buns with sesame (definitely one of my favourites) and another lengthy bun, different antipasti (olives, dried tomatoes, artichokes), different spreads (avocado-lemon, capsicum-sunflower and hummus), salad with pomegranate seeds and pine nuts, carrot-sweet potato soup; then striezel with butter and chocolate-hazelnut spread and two kinds of cake (one brownie-like and one similar to Sachertorte).

Green PS first plate

Green PS sweet plate

There was also chili sin carne and topinambur soup, a variety of jams, mango-banana mousse and – as I saw on Facebook later that day – bagels and tomatoes (?) dressed up as toadstools (symbols of good luck in Austria).

For EUR 15,50 not including drinks it’s not exactly cheap but then I didn’t need anything to eat for the rest of the day.  Plus, it was super delicious so it definitely paid off for me.

I can definitely recommend Green PS Café and will also recommend calling in advance for a reservation. When (not if!) this place is going to hit off, people are going to line up for sure!

Green PS business card

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