Aliciouslyvegan: Dinner at Marks

Upon returning from New Zealand, Mr A and I introduced monthly date nights. After the first one at Maschu Maschu was a big success, the most recent took place at Marks , a much-talked of restaurant in the 7th district.

We got there early and were immediately shown to a lovely window table in the back. From there we had a great view of the restaurant and its few diners (we like to eat early, the place filled up and by the time we left was pretty full).

The interior feels slightly Scandinavian and definitely stylish. The colours are reduced to white, black and green, with minimal décor. Most of all I loved the lamps hanging from the high ceiling and Mr A had to agree that we will get similar ones when we move to the house we want to have built after the one we stayed in in New Zealand.

Marks - interior Marks - ceiling lights

The rather small but handy and well thought-out menu offers a few vegan options: Roasted cauliflower soup, lentil salad (with red beets, cumin cream, mandarins and glazed carrots) for starters and a curry, a tofu-dish and seitan kebab (with chips on the side) as main course. For dessert there is chocolate mousse.

Both of us were sure we’d come across a vegan burger on their website but were told that this had only been on the lunch menu the previous week and not for dinner. Fair enough.

We shared the delicious and unexpectedly flavourful lentil salad and I had the kebab which tasted exactly like a kebab should taste – not like a vegan dish imitating a kebab: juicy, slightly spicy, the texture of the seitan as if it had just been cut off a döner (which – by the way – is the roasting spit the meat is stuck upon). And that’s not only what my lately meat-deprived taste buds told me but also what Mr A confirmed (and therefore, it must be true – haha).

Marks - lentil salad Marks - seitan kebab

Mr A decided to give the two kinds of vegetarian roasted gnocchi a try and was delighted as well.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any more room for dessert but we will most certainly be back.

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