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Not only are the hills alive with the sound of music, right now and for most of spring and summer the meadows are also bright yellow with the heads of dandelions, flowers that are the colour of the sun and provide us with beautiful honey. When I visited my parents the other weekend I had to have a walk over the beautiful meadows surrounding the place where I grew up, despite the grass being wet from recent rain. During this walk I picked a few handfuls of dandelion heads

Dandelion heads

Did you know that the German name for dandelion is “Löwenzahn” which translates to “lion’s tooth”?

At home I washed the flowers and immersed them in water. 

Dandelion heads

The next day I strained them through a cloth saving the water and boiled it up with sugar.

Dandelion honey

Then I let it simmer and thicken before filling the viscous golden liquid into glasses.

Dandelion honey


Dandelion Honey
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  1. 3-4 handfuls of dandelion heads
  2. 1kg sugar (I took 600g white and 400g brown sugar)
  3. 1l water
  4. 1 untreated lemon
  1. Rinse and gently drain dandelions, then put them into a pot and cover them with cold water. Let the flowers soak for a couple of hours or – better – overnight.
  2. Strain the flowers with a cloth and gently heat the yellow water to a simmer.
  3. Gradually stir in the sugar and watch the liquid slowly turn a caramelly golden colour. After approximately an hour the consistency will have become viscous and honey-like.
  4. Now fill your dandelion honey into glass jars – careful, it’s hot! -, close the lid immediately and put them to a dark, cool place to store.
  1. Your dandelion honey will become thicker as it cools down and sets.
 Your dandelion honey will become thicker as it cools down and sets. My first batch turned out more syrup-y than honey-like, therefore, I’m going to refill some of it into little bottles to use instead of agave or maple syrup. I have also had it on bread (while it was still warm, of course; couldn’t wait) and it tasted beautifully of sunshine and meadows full of flowers.  

Have you ever tried your hands at making your on dandelion honey? How did it go?


3 thoughts on “Aliciouslyvegan: Dandelion honey”

  1. It looks awesome! I’ll try it at the weekend. Where do you pick all these gorgeous ideas up?

    1. Mr A will be able to confirm that whenever I don’t spend time actually preparing/ cooking things I’ll be thinking about food. Or travelling (often in combination with where I can get awesome/ exotic food abroad).

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