Aliciouslyvegan: Birthday brunch at Home Made

Home Made first showed up in my Facebook feed some time late last year and I immediately put it on top of my “places to try” list: a cute little café serving vegan (soy free!) food lovingly prepared by the two friendly ladies who own the cafe. I also liked the fonts on their website (which is generally enough reason for me to want to go somewhere).

I figured it would make a nice spot for dinner – until I checked the opening hours and realised it was open until 6pm. Having finished dinner by that time is too much to ask even of us (despite being known as early diners) as is getting out of work on time to make it there and grab a bite. With my office being located on the other side of the Danube, lunch isn’t an option either. I was eager to try a few of their lunches during my Christmas break, however, the café was closed for the holidays.

Of course, the challenge only increased my want of trying the vegan delicacies of Home Made.

Coincidentally, Mr A had the glorious idea of taking me there for brunch the weekend after my birthday.

Mr A was still full from the (ful)filling dinner at Tian the evening before and even I felt peckish at most when we sat down and ordered our coffees. Since we were already I here I decided I might as well check out the buffet.

And found myself in heaven:

There were bowls of salad (pasta-, chick pea-s and quinoa-based), a curry, a potato dish and vanilla kaiserschmarrn as well as an assortment of muesli, granola and milk. I didn’t count how many different spreads there were, many of them (wait for it!) home made. There was also fruit salad and all different kinds of bread and rolls to choose from (from Waldherr bakery).

Brunch at Home Made
Part of the beautifully presented and wonderfully delicious brunch selection at Home Made

I piled food on plates and in bowls and put them on our table when suddenly Mr A’s appetite awoke. Between the two of us we had three whole bowls of half pasta salad/ half chickpea salad! So much for not being hungry at all!

Our favourites - we had 3 servings of it!
Our favourites – we had 3 servings of it!

Also, the bread, cashew butter and the home made (again, I can’t help it) nutella were tried, tested and very much liked as were the savoury spreads and pretty much everything else.

SO delicious!

I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday brunch at Home Made and will definitely be back before long.

Who’s going to join me?


Home Made

Mollardgasse 2
1060 Wien

Opening hours: Tue- Fri 10am – 6pm; Sat 10am – 2pm

Lunch: soup + two mains to choose from + a selection of desserts daily Tue – Sat from 11:30am

For reservations call +43 699 192 787 80



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