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Aliciouslog is back

Since my first post of 2018 there hasn’t been much activity on Aliciouslog. As in, I literally haven’t published a single post on this blog. Well, this is about to change. Drumroll, please!Whilst I have been really active on social media, mostly Instagram (I now have more than 1,000 followers!!!), I haven’t deemed my posts complete enough to post (whatever this means).  Mind you, a whole array of posts on different topics, ranging from hiking in Mallorca to my vegan guides to Melbourne and Sydney, have been sitting in my draft folder.

Waiting to be published.

But mostly waiting.

Why I didn’t just hit the button and send my texts and pictures out into the world? I don’t know.

Also, then came the new EU data privacy law which resulted in some extra admin work on my blog that I wasn’t exactly happy to implement immediately as it required some deep reading and understanding of details I wasn’t completely familiar with.

Now, though.

Now, Aliciouslog is up and running again. We’re done hibernating and ready to roll.

I am not yet sure how often and regularly I’ll be posting in the future but I aim on keeping Tuesdays for travel-related content and Fridays for food.


Food will still be mostly simple vegan meals you’ll be able to prepare with minimum effort and equipment (such as in a hostel kitchen or an ill-equipped Airbnb apartment).

Food & Travel

Needless to say, I’ll also share the vegan delicacies I come across whilst being out and about and my favourite places to re-stock my energy.


My travel section will definitely have an even stronger focus on the outdoors and I’ll regularly be posting hikes most of which won’t require any special skills or gear.


Because I strongly believe that we don’t need any more complicated how-tos in our life and because I always strive for simple, yet brilliant.

Let me know in the comments what you think! Is there anything you would especially like covered?


2 thoughts on “Aliciouslog is back”

  1. It’s so great to see you back!! I can’t wait for the posts (especially the vegan guides because melbourne is on my have-to-visit-very-soon-list!).

    1. Thank you, Bianca <3 You will definitely love Melbourne and my post (which is going live very soon) will only foster your wish to travel there. It's awesome. I would move there immediately if I could get a visa.

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