Aliciouslife: What’s up, 2017?

With the New Year only a few days old – is it too early to start planning? Why, of course it never is.

Hello 2017

I have already updated my list of things I want to do once a year every year. In addition to my usual points I also want to :

  • learn to bake bread
  • perfect a recipe for super-chewy cookies
  • file my tax returns since 2012.

In June, my brother is getting married and I’m very much looking forward to celebrate this special occasion with him, his fiancée and our respective families.

Other than that, I’m totally looking forward to our honeymoon to Australia in August. It’s been too long since I returned from Australia in 2008 and I can’t wait to be back – if for a mere 5 weeks as a tourist, checking a decent amount of places off our itinerary.

For a few weeks it looked like I would be able to make another, slightly bigger, travel announcement (head over to my List of Things I want to do before I die and take a guess). However, things didn’t work out and Australia it will be.

Plus the odd side trip to the odd mountain, of course 😉

That’s it.

That’s all I have planned for 2017. Not nearly as much as in prior years but I’m currently not in the best and most motivated of moods.

You will have noticed from the growing gaps between my posts that I’m somewhat stuck when it comes to Aliciouslog.

Over the course of the year I lost my blog mojo and haven’t been able to get it back. Therefore, I don’t know what is going to happen to Aliciouslog in the future. I’ll keep posting on social media but don’t know about the blog. Maybe I’m just tired (and I’m definitely tired). Maybe blogging just isn’t for me.

We’ll find out.

2 thoughts on “Aliciouslife: What’s up, 2017?”

  1. You’re coming to Aus?!!! Will you be visiting the most beautiful part of all? 😉
    How exciting! Xx

    1. Yes, we are indeed. Honeymooning all over the place from 4 August – 8 September. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit Tasmania in as we would like to spend a good amount of time there (and not necessarily in winter) and will come on a separate trip, hopefully in the not-so-far future. xx

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