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Aliciouslife: VIP shop tour at Lush

It was back in November when the lovely Laura from Lush Austria contacted me, asking whether I would find some pre-Christmas spare time for a VIP tour at their newly opened store at Donauzentrum in Vienna. Of course I did!

Offers like these are rare and I just had to take it – insight with a brand that I personally use and like.

We quickly set up a date and I only had to follow my nose to find the new store location. While it may be too much for some, I really like the rich smell surrounding Lush stores everywhere. Also – and mucho importante for me – a lot of their products are vegan.Lush - Star dust

Laura gave me brief insight into the interesting brand history (for example, I didn’t know that the founders of The Body Shop and Lush had started out together) before showing me around the store which is the biggest in Austria and probably the roomiest I’ve ever been to. I normally find their stores crowded even when there are not many customers present. This one, however, has enough space to stroll around with your shopping bags in hand, without getting in danger of accidentally emptying shelves (like it may or may not have happened to me before).

Lush - Karma soapLush - Ölbäder

I was not only allowed but actively encouraged to touch and smell things.

Lush - Santa's Belly
What looks like a red button has a jelly-like consistency. I couldn’t stop playing with it and found the jiggling utterly fascinating 🙂

We painted dreamy pictures with fizzy bath bombs, I had my arm exfoliated and hydrated and put my nose and finger in almost every single sample container.

Lush - bathbombLush - Bath bombs

For close to two hours we made our way from shampoo bars to jelly soaps, from skin creams to a peeling that smelled so good I actually wanted to taste it (it still do want to each time I use it at home – it’s called Bûche de Noel and only available around Christmas).

Lush - Face products

As a parting gift I received a full size of my favourite body lotion along with a few sample sizes of products I wasn’t 100% sure I would like. I took them to New York with me and will actually buy some of them in full size at my next visit to a store.

I also bought a massage bar and above-mentioned peeling and went back only a few days later to pick up dry shampoo. In New York, I used up my trusted solid shampoo so I will have to stock up on that before my next trip.

As if I needed an excuse to go shopping.

Do you have any favourite Lush product? Anything you can warmly recommend to me?


Thank you, Lush Austria, for the informative hands-on tour and the scented present!

*** In cooperation with Lush Austria ***

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