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Aliciouslife: Veganmania

From 3-6 June the 3rd Veganmania took place in Vienna and just like last year these days had been marked in my calendar months in advance.

Veganmania is a street fest celebrating veganism that tours selected cities in Austria and Germany. One can not only eat vegan food there but also buy vegan clothing, shoes and accessoires along with cosmetic products and of course become better informed about what veganism truly means or support a sanctury or organisation lobbying for the vegan cause.

This year’s prominent location in front of popular Museumsquartier was a huge improvement to the side of MuQua where it was located last year.


While in 2014 it was crowded and one could barely move between the stalls, this year there was enough room to walk around and have a look but also to sit down to eat or drink – and there was plenty of space in front of the stage for an excited audience.

I missed the first day’s pancake cook-up, but from day 2 I was a regular.

On Thursday I finally got to meet the lovely Bianca from Elephantasticvegan in person. We had been exchanging messages on Instagram and via our blogs for months and it was great to spend some time with her, chatting over vegan food from Loving Hut and Pirata Sushi and vegan wines from Weinbau Fürnkranz in brilliant sunshine.

Veganmania2015 Loving Hut
Summer roll and wontons for the win!
Veganmania 2015 Weinbau Fürnkranz
Vegan wines from Weinbau Fürnkranz

As I had missed out on the utterly scrumptious punschkrapferl from Bernds Welt the day before (by minutes, so I was told), I made my way to their stall just after opening time on Friday – and bought two. Mission accomplished I still picked up baklava from Makam and a delicious peanut cake (which I *just* ate) along with a raspberry-topfen cakelette from the joint stall of B.B.’s Bakery and Schnitte backt to take home with me.

Veganmania 2015 B.B.'s Bakery & Schnitte backt
Delicious mini cakes from B.B.’s Bakery and Schnitte backt
Veganmania 2015 - B.B.'s Bakery & Schnitte backt
Another wonderful delicacy from B.B.’s Bakery and Schnitte backt

Saturday’s visit was part of another one of my lenghty walks around town and since I felt peckish by the time I reached MuQua I treated myself to more summer rolls along with battered vegan shrips from Loving Hut.

Veganmania2015 - Loving Hut
Who said vegan food was necessarily healthy?

I hope Veganmania 2015 in Vienna was as successful for the shop owners as it was for me. I’m already looking forward to Veganmania 2016 – and before that to Joya Yoga Convention next Sunday!

Did you visit Veganmania in Vienna? How did you like it? Are you going to be at Joya Yoga Convention? If so, we should definitely meet there to channel our inner warriors or jointly relax in downward dog pose.

5 thoughts on “Aliciouslife: Veganmania”

  1. I’m glad you had a chance to get the Punschkrapferl the next day! Also the raspberry-almond cakes look divine!! Somehow I had only eyes for ice cream and savory stuff that day so I totally missed those treats. Next year then! 🙂
    It was so nice meeting you! I had a lovely time strolling through the vegan stands together.

    1. Only when I read your post did I realise how much you guys ate! Where did you put all that food?! Amazing!
      Looking forward to meeting you in Linz next time 🙂

      1. Haha 😀 We are so good in eating a lot, but that requires a lot of training you know. We did share most of the treats though 🙂 But there were so many things we didn’t had the chance to try because we were so stuffed. Looking forward too! 🙂

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