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Aliciouslife: The new IKEA catalogue is in!

…and I was invited to last week’s presentation. Did I go? Of course I did! IKEA Austria hosted the event under the motto “It’s all about food” (Alles dreht sich nur ums Essen) in their recently renovated store in the north of Vienna (IKEA Wien Nord).

We were introduced to some of their new products and learned about IKEA’s  focus for the next year.

The new IKEA catalogue is out! source: IKEA

The information that from September all their fish is MSC or ASC certified obviously wasn’t of much interest to me. The new 365+ products, however, immediately hit home.

Frank Ellerkamp, business area manager for crockery, showed us how the new collection is a lot more robust than it looks at first sight.

The pots now have glass covers so one can see what’s actually happening inside without raising the lid.

The plates look a little bowl-ish with their high sides.

IKEA 365+ 2016-collection
IKEA 365+ 2016
source: IKEA

For someone like myself, who would eat *everything* out of a bowl if you let them, this is strikingly appealing.

IKEA 365+ 2016-collection
IKEA 365+ 2016

Pretty, aren’t they? I would like to have them all – for serving and eating as well as for recipe shoots.

After the presentation we were treated to a Midsommar Feast. I finally got to try the vegan GRÖNSAKSBULLAR, a meatless take on IKEA’s classic KÖTTBULLAR, that are served with a side of quinoa. They were good if not spectacular in a life-changing way, but the mere fact that they exist – that I can eat proper food at IKEA again – is enough to make me happy.

Grönsaksbullar and Quinoa
Grönsaksbullar and quinoa

Unfortunately,  there wasn’t room for everyone at the main table and Yvonne from Freude am Kochen and myself were shown a set of tables a bit off.

The hint of sadness that may have ensued was quickly alleviated by the heavy-laden buffet that not only held GRÖNSAKSBULLAR and quinoa for us but also delicious peaches, grapes and strawberries for a luscious dessert.

IKEA strawberries
IKEA strawberries

Filled with so much goodness (and plenty of energy) we took a stroll through the shop to have another look at the pots, the pans, the plates and much much more, some of which joined us on our way home.

My favourite products of the new collection are:

IKEA 365+ 2016-collection
IKEA 365+ 2016 The bowls. All of them.
source: IKEA
source: IKEA
IKEA SKUREN cutlery and VÄSNAS tealight
IKEA SKUREN cutlery and VÄSNAS tea light (the candle holder got to come home with me)
source: IKEA

The new IKEA catalogue has been available in Austria since yesterday!

Do you already hold the new IKEA catalogue in your hands? What do you think? What are your favourite new products?


Thank you, IKEA Austria, for having me at your event!

*** In cooperation with IKEA Austria ***

3 thoughts on “Aliciouslife: The new IKEA catalogue is in!”

  1. The bowls are so pretty! I’ve been meaning to go to the ikea for sooo long now but somehow we never made it there. Now, with the new collection, I really need to go. I want some new bowls and plates for the photos 🙂 It’s so cool that you got invited to their event. #bloggerperks

    1. Definitely nice! I don’t see us having a wedding list though – we’ve been living together for too long for that 🙂

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