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Last Friday was my birthday and I basically spent the whole weekend celebrating it (which explains why there was no Sunday post last week). In fact, I have yet to meet some of my closest friends so the partying will continue until at least Easter (by which time we’ll already be preparing for Mr A’s birthday).

I still get very excited about each birthday and it does not the least concern me that each birthday means that I’ve gotten one year older. Who cares? It’s only numbers. Also – like my Mum is known to point out – you can either get older or die young. I certainly know which sounds more tempting to me!

My colleagues and friends were really sweet and thoughtful, there was a lot of hugging and kissing, there were text messages and phone calls and the odd present. I felt very special being showered with so much attention <3

On Friday I came out of the shower to a Happy Birthday banner and a bunch of beautiful flowers (red buttercups!). I watched the solar eclipse from the office with my colleagues and left early to treat myself to an ice-cream lunch at Eis-Greissler before taking a lengthy walk towards home where I sat on the balcony, soaking up the afternoon sun.


Birthday selfieBirthday lunch

Birthday sunshine on the balcony

At night, Mr A treated us to another incredible dinner at Tian, where – after the first amuse gueule – I decided not to take photos but enjoy dinner instead. When the last culinary offering came though, I couldn’t resist. It was simply too cute and thoughtful.

TianOur table at Tian

Box containing our luscious amuse gueule-dessert at Tian

The next morning we had brunch at Home Made, then enjoyed the great weather by strolling through Schönbrunn gardens, having a look at the Easter market before heading back and up towards Gloriette. At night, Mr A made these amazing eggplant involtini for dinner. He should clearly cook more often.

Brunch at Home Made

Easter market at Schönbrunn

The most delicious eggplant involtini

Sunday was lazy as. We slept in, had breakfast and after midday we once more walked Stadtwanderweg 4. Needless to say I could not resist and picked more wild garlic (most of which I immediately froze). The afternoon was spent doing chores that sadly had not taken care of themselves and found our well-deserved sleep in fresh sheets that night.


Altogether my birthday weekend couldn’t have been more relaxing or wonderful.


Are you at all celebrating your birthday or trying to lay low and wait for it to pass?

7 thoughts on “Aliciouslife: My birthday weekend”

    1. Thank you!
      The food at Tian is worth every (of the many, many) cent(s) you are going to spend! Just let them know in advance you’ll be ordering vegan (instead of vegetarian).

      1. Thanks for the tip, Alice. I just looked at their site and it’s really expensive. There are so many awesome completely vegan (and cheaper) restaurants in Vienna I have to try before going there. I’m so excited to try out the Swing Kitchen, for example! In summer I’m planning on visiting Vienna again and making a vegan food trip (like always) but this time I really want to go to the Veganmania in Vienna. I’ve never been there, I only visited smaller ones in Linz & St. Pölten, so I’m looking forward to this as well.

        1. Let me know when you come so we can sample the vegan delicacies of Veganmania together if you like – or pig out at Swing Kitchen 🙂

          There certainly are other less pricey options if you want to eat. Tian, however, is not only dinner – it’s a whole experience: the location, the always-perfect service, the oh-so-delicious food and how it is presented. The waiters really know what they serve and will patiently answer all your questions regarding ingredients/ spices used and they always seem truly passionate about what they serve.
          We wouldn’t go there often (also, so as not to spoil the “special”) but once or twice a year it’s a wonderful treat for both of us.

          1. Ah, Alice I’d love to! I’ll definitely tell you as soon as I know when I’ll be there! So excited 😀
            Wow, that sounds really wonderful. I totally get that one is paying for the whole experience and that they are all so passionate and competent when it comes to their food is really great! It sounds lovely 🙂

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