Aliciouslife: Escaping the heat

While I am more than happy in regard to the current temperatures (it actually feels like summer) I will always prefer to spend the hottest days of the year outside the city.

The forecast of mid-30s and thunderstorms was a welcome excuse to visit my parents – with a detour via a strawberry field.We spent most of Saturday and Sunday on the airy verandah or in the shadow of the apple tree (on my new flamingo picnic blanket from Eduscho).

My parents' garden
Flamingo blanket
My parents' garden

While Mr A was studying for his impending exams at uni, I sat with my kindle – or munching on the fruit of my “labour” on the strawberry field.


Strawberry field
Getting up and close on the strawberry field
Strawberry field
I filled the bucket <3

Saturday night was our neighbour’s birthday party which the whole family attended and while her guest were singing until 1am we returned earlier to watch Dad’s photos of his recent cycling trip from Lisbon (Portugal) to Malaga (Spain) and subsequently show (off) Mr A’s pictures of Istanbul.

My parents' garden
Cherry tree

On Sunday my best friend and her husband came to visit and there was more lazying around before Dad fired on the barbecue for a scrumptious feed.

In the afternoon the expected thunderstorm broke lose and brought some much-needed rain, if not nearly enough to make up for the drought.


My parents' garden

Back in Vienna we were happy to see that the storm had been less severe and all our plants were in good shape and looking quite content with the weather situation.

My parents' garden
Wild strawberries
What did you do to escape the heat? Did you escape it at all?

2 thoughts on “Aliciouslife: Escaping the heat”

  1. Love the photos of the strawberry field!! So jealous! 🙂
    The last days I’ve been (with my boyfriend, of course) at my parents’ place house-sitting and cat-sitting. We were spending the whole days playing table tennis, swimming in the pool and munching wild strawberries (yeay!). Staying in the pool definitely helped cooling down 🙂 oh and eating all the vegavita ice cream my parents bought us 😀

    1. I saw your photo of wild strawberries on IG – aren’t strawberries awesome?
      You definitely chose the right time to stay at your parents’ place, especially since it has a pool (and wild strawberries and VV ice cream). It sounds like the two of you really enjoyed your time there. Good on you!

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