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Some things really get me off the wrong foot when they appear in my morning Facebook/ Instagram/ email feed. The word “detox“, for instance, always seems to hit exactly that nerve.

Especially now, with all those (often questionable) New Year’s resolutions, People will spend hundreds of euros/ dollars/ pounds on a couple of days worth of juices which all have in common that they are of strange colour and often rather nauseating taste. Oh, and have I mentioned that they are useless too?

Or – even worse – bloggers will (mis)use their readers’ trust, promoting above-mentioned cleansing drinks, promising better skin, smoother digestion, an altogether “healthy glow” and what-not-else. Of course they’ve all tried the products and experienced exactly those positive changes in their faces/ bowels/ complexion – without the negative effect on their respective bank accounts, since those juices will have been provided free of charge by the companies promoting them (which they may or may not disclose. To be fair, most actually do.).

My dear thinking and somewhat educated readers, I want to you listen carefully now: You do need not detox your body to rid it of any toxins that have accumulated over the holidays by not eating right.

Yep, you heard correctly.

You have a liver and kidneys for that. These powerful workhorses of your organs do not require any support by ridiculously expensive juices to “help you cleanse from the inside“. All they do – day and night, even while you’re fast asleep – is making sure everything bad is taken out of your system and gotten rid of.

If you don’t trust me – here is a recent article from the Guardian (yes, the newspaper).


Rant over. Thank you.

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