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Not usually someone who’s ambitious (at. all.), I still haven’t been able to ignore the plethora of challenges  around. Lately, everything seems to have been turned into some sort of competition: taking photos, eating vegan and now – reading books. That was when I couldn’t resist the urge to jump on the band wagon anymore and here it is – my first ever challenge I’m participating in:

26 Books to read in 2015 by Erin from Bringing Up Burns.

By posting an eloquent “I’m in” on her Facebook Page, I am now expected to read the following:

26 Books

…and I’m very much looking forward to every single one on this list. I may already be able to cross one or another book off. Does it still count as a challenge when one actually enjoys it?


Have you ever participated in a similar challenge? How did you go?


PS I will also post this challenge on my List-Page to keep you updated on the progress, of course.

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