Aliciouslife: Balcony garden – How are we coming along?

Since sowing my first seeds for 2015 on the last day of February, a lot has happened in my little nursery: Some seeds have grown into little plants, some have not. Generally, the tomatoes seem sturdier than the rest and so far have been the most successful, while my chili and capsicum varieties have mostly died.Balcony garden - Getting serious

Today I conducted the next step towards my balcony garden and replanted the seedlings into small containers as well as re-sowed chilis.

Balcony garden - Replanting tomatoes

My second avocado plant was moved to a bigger pot and the Thai basil plant it shared a container with got its own (not sure how it got there but apparently a seed from last year’s plant fell into the pot and started growing).

Balcony garden - Avocado tree (root)
Balcony garden – Avocado tree (root)

I also carried my three terracotta flower boxes outside that had spent winter on the window sill of the staircase. They are there to stay. It shouldn’t be bitterly cold any more and the rosemary, salvia, oregano, mint and thyme plants can withstand “soft” frost.

Balcony garden - Terracotta flower boxes with herbs
Balcony garden – Terracotta flower boxes with herbs

Currently, both avocados plus the fig tree (which lost the little fig it had grown over the last couple of weeks 🙁 ) are sitting on the balcony, getting used to being outside in the weather, getting sprayed/ rained on and all.

At night I’ll carry them back inside though – while the fig tree would probably survive the avos would not.

Now I cannot wait for the Rare Plant Fair to happen in 3 weeks! This always marks the start of my “serious” gardening seasons with only 2 weeks to go before the start of May when all my plants will move permanently outside, be replanted one last time and allowed to grow and bear fruit all summer long.

Next weekend I’ll also slowly wake my precious plumeria plant from hibernation. It’s in its third year now which is allegedly the first year it can flower.

You see, there is still a lot of excitement to come in regard to my balcony garden – and hopefully a lot of sunshine too! Balcony garden - Growing

How are your seedling coming along? Have you planted any or will you pick up little plants from a garden centre?


How likely am I to meet you at the Rare Plant Fair?


2 thoughts on “Aliciouslife: Balcony garden – How are we coming along?”

  1. Oh no! I’m so sorry to read about the little fig, it’s too bad. Hopefully it will grow another one soon. I have my herbs, the raspberry (it’s doing really well), one chili plant (that was a mistake, but it’s nearly dead now anyways so I might as well just keep it there), the mint and the two pineapple plants placed outside. There wasn’t a lot of sunshine lately and it’s really windy so I keep my little seedlings in the apartment. Also I didn’t dare to place my avocado plants on the balcony, I really don’t want to lose any of them. They are about 2-3 years old now… they are like my babies 😀

    1. Yes, poor little fig 🙁 However, I’m optimistic another one will grow soon. It was just too early for it.
      Do you always keep your pineapple tree outside? Did you grow it yourself? Pineapple is actually my next – Mr A approved(!) – project for our little jungle so I’ll gladly appreciate any kind of advice.

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