Aliciouslife: Advent, advent

Advent, the time leading up to Christmas, is officially starting with the opening of the first door of the advent calendar  today*.


advent calendar
Our joint advent calendar

Since the first Christmas markets opened its glühwein huts three weeks ago, there has been enough time to get into the mood – by inhaling the spice-scented smell or simply by warming up with a cup of punch.

Sonnentor advent calendar
My tea advent calendar from Sonnentor

Our apartment has been decorated and last weekend we even had a little advent get-together with cake, cookes, mulled wine and vegan lard on black bread (with optional garlic and onion).

This year, it took me forever to get into any kind of Christmas mood,

mostly because by mid-November the temperatures still showed 20°C. However, by now – especially with my trip to New York being only a week away – I’m all but ready to jump right into the craze.

Advent wreath
Advent wreath…or board?
How are you approaching Christmas? Are you a lover of all things sparkling or more of a Grinch who can’t wait for the whole thing to be over? Let me know what you think!

*Against last year’s plan there won’t be an advent calendar on Aliciouslog this year.


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