Aliciouslyvegan: Vegan New York

First things first: New York is foodie heaven and yes, this also includes vegans. There are so many different kinds of plant based food stuffs available – from all types of what is considered fast food or junk food to downright healthy food (well, the American idea of healthy food so not always what a European may expect) – you won’t know where to start and where you’re going to put Continue reading Aliciouslyvegan: Vegan New York

Alicioustravels: Travel Essentials – Miscellaneous

Of course you will not only need clothing and toiletries when you’re travelling. Actually, these are add-ons since there are a couple of items that are absolutely vital to your leaving your homegrounds and exploring the world beyond, most often these will include your credit card and often a passport. Continue reading Alicioustravels: Travel Essentials – Miscellaneous

Alicioustravels: Off to New York

While you are reading this, Mum and I are on our way across the Atlantic, if we haven’t already touched down at NYC’s JFK airport.
It’s the first holiday with Mum – except for that oh-so-relaxing spa weekend at Die Wasnerin last spring – since 2005 and we’ve both really looked forward to spending a whole 10 days together. Continue reading Alicioustravels: Off to New York

Aliciouslife: Irregularities

My dear readers,

Some of you will have noticed that at the moment posts go live only once a week and that my activity on Instagram and Facebook has been down to the bare minimum.

The reason for it is that I’m currently extremely busy in my other life (that is, in the job that pays my bills), that my camera died on me a few weeks ago (fingers crossed I’ll get it back – fixed – in time for New York!) and that my computer is in its last breaths.

For my Christmas holidays I am planning on getting Aliciouslog back on track (hopefully with a new laptop), posting regularly again twice a week from January.

Thanks for hanging in with me – I really appreciate your support!