Aliciouswedding: My bridal shower

Some time after Christmas my maid of honour had enquired whether I would be ok with her arranging some sort of bridal shower. Hating the hordes of drunk brides-to-be who regularly roam Vienna with their trays encroaching on strangers to selling them Jägermeister while having to complete “funny” challenges such as shaving a man’s leg I reluctantly agreed, dearly hoping that day wasn’t going to be hell.

We settled on a Saturday in August, three weeks before the wedding, and I provided her with the email addresses of those I would like to party with.

Then nothing.

Whenever I asked she would cryptically reply that all was being arranged and that I shouldn’t be so nosy.

Two days before the day I was finally told where to meet them and to “wear something comfortable and bring a jacket”.

Good, I can do that.

We met at a railway station where I was put in a car and she drove me up Kahlenberg.

Before she parked, someone from the backseat blindfolded me with a scarf. They took me by the hands and led me somewhere up.

When they let me take off the blindfold, this is what I saw:Bridal shower location & view

Bridal shower location & view

This and some of my oldest and closest (girl)friends who had come to celebrate the occasion and spend a whole Saturday afternon with me.

Result: A very happy me.


With the help of her husband and their friend (who happens to also be a chef) my best friend had prepared the most perfect picnic setting – with lanterns hanging from the huge lime tree, a table and benches, a big (and mostly vegan) buffet and enough mattresses to recline after our gorgeous meal.

Bridal shower buffet and drinks


The location is actually called “Am Himmel” – “At heaven” and you really have the most wonderful view across Vienna <3

Bridal shower location & view

We launched and watched the sun go down while chatting along on this picture perfect late summer day.

Of course I did have to solve some tasks like taking a group photo and completing 10 rounds of a jumping rope-game we used to play when we were little but they were 100 % pain-free (except for the jumping which used to be so much easier those 25 years ago).

Bridal shower sun down

Bridal shower sun down

At 10 pm the guys returned and we loaded everything into their cars. One of them actually fit the 5 (!) of us in and drove us to the first district where we enjoyed some gin and tonics before dropping one of us off at a dance club and then slowly starting our way home.

Bridal shower gin & tonic

I really couldn’t have imagined a more wonderful bridal shower.

Aliciouslyvegan: Spicy yellow curry with green beans and black rice

During autumn and winter curries and stews are staples on our dinner table and barely will a week go by without us having at least one big pot of it (usually with some leftovers for me to take to work the next day – or freeze for later).

However, as soon as it’s warmer we tend to crave raw veg and will often share a huge bowl of salad for dinner. Or have one decent-sized bowl each because neither of us is of the sharing kind when it comes to food.

This summer has been pretty good (read: hot and humid – just the way I like it) so far which hasn’t left much room for craving a big steamy pot on the table.

Spicy yellow curry with green beans and black rice
Spicy yellow curry with green beans and black rice

Enter summer thunderstorms

They are as inevitable as they are beautiful and welcome. I love sitting on the balcony watching the clouds roll in, then recede to the couch to watch the sheer force of nature unleash itself through the window.

Usually, thunderstorms come with a noticeable drop in temperature too.

Perfect for curries!

Suddenly Mr A and I will want to spoon hot liquid with crunchy vegetables from a bowl again.

What type of vegetables?


That’s the beauty of curries. They work with pretty much every sort of vegetable – and most legumes too! Just take whatever you find in your fridge or freezer and go ahead.

When I came up with this recipe I wanted “something with spinach”. However, there was no spinach in our apartment and the shops were already closed.

After the first couple of spoonfuls we agreed that it was our new favourite curry recipe.

Spicy yellow curry with green beans and black rice
Serves 3
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
45 min
Total Time
55 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
45 min
Total Time
55 min
  1. 1 garlic clove
  2. 1 ts coriander seeds
  3. chili to taste
  4. knob fresh ginger
  5. 2 tbsp vegetable oil (I prefer peanut or sesame)
  6. 400 ml coconut milk
  7. 2 tbsp turmeric
  8. 200 g green beans
  9. 150 g chickpeas (pre-cooked)
  10. 1/2 red capsicum, cut into slices
  11. 1 cup of black rice
  12. dash of fresh lime juice
  13. a handful of cashew kernels
  1. Give the rice a quick wash, then put it into a pot adding 1 1/2 cup of cold water.
  2. Bring to a boil, then turn the heat down and let it sit and soak until the rice is tender (approx. 40 mins)
  3. In the meantime grind garlic, coriander seeds, chili and ginger in a mortar.
  4. Heat it in a pot on medium heat with vegetable oil and stir until the whole kitchen smells just divine.
  5. Carefully add coconut milk and keep stirring.
  6. The yellow colour comes from turmeric. Add as much as you feel is right for your preferred shade of yellow - and your preferred taste.
  7. Now add the vegetables starting with the green beans since they will need a few minutes to become soft. Next are the chickpeas.
  8. Leave the capsicum for last adding it only a few minutes before your curry is ready.
  9. Dry-roast the cashews in a pan.
  10. Serve with a dash of lime juice and top with cashews.
This recipe is posted as part of the Mjam Curry Atlas Blog Parade.

Today is the last day to join in so get yourself ready, fellow bloggers, and post your favourite curry recipe!

Do you love curries as much as we do? Which is your favourite ingredient? Tag @aliciouslog on IG so I can see what’s steaming in your pot.

Aliciouslife: A busy June for bloggers in Vienna

As many of you will have seen on Snapchat, June 2016 has definitely been my busiest – and most successful – month as a blogger so far. I still haven’t earned a single cent with it but since I’m not “doing it for the money” that’s generally not how I measure my success. Continue reading Aliciouslife: A busy June for bloggers in Vienna

Aliciouslyvegan: Veganmania 2016

Veganmania 2016 was a blast! It’s getting bigger and better every year. Just like last year the weather was in favour of us and we got to enjoy vegan food, drinks, cosmetics, fashion and whatnotelse in the sunshine.

This year I was especially adamant to stop at each stall for at least a quick browse – and quite often quite more than that. You may have followed me on some of my (mostly) food adventures on Snapchat or Instagram.

Here is the whole story

On the first day I had initially planned on having a first look after yoga class, then decided on grabbing “something light” to eat – and ended up with a delicious, if not exactly light, raw vegan Tiramisu from the never-disappointing Easy-going bakery. Also, I picked up a poppy seed croissant for Mr A and a nut-filled croissant for myself for breakfast the next day.

Nut-filled croissant Bernds Welt
Nut-filled croissant from Bernds Welt

On Thursday, a public holiday, Mr A and I completed this year’s first hike up Rax from Preiner Gscheid, our favourite route up the mountain and treated ourselves to burgers from I love Veggie Burger afterwards. Needless to say I was way too late to grab one of Bernds Welt’s famous Punschkrapferl. So late, in fact, that they had completely sold out by the time we arrived.

Good for them!

Mr A, who is usually not such a big eater, opted for ice cream from Veganista while I had a cookie from Zuckero on my way home.

Fürnkranz Veganwein Veggie Burger Zuckero Veganista Easy-going Bakery
Vegan alcohol-free white wine from Fürnkranz | Burger and chips from I love Veggie Burger | Veganista ice cream and huuuge cookie from Zuckero | Raw tiramisu from Easy-going Bakery

As I had Friday off, another opportunity presented itself and I got up bright and early to wait at the stall of Bernds Welt when they opened, Tupperware container in hand. I wasn’t the only one! 4 Punschkrapferl later I was on my way home to drop them off, only to return for a pulled jack burger from Jenonne and a hot dog from Veganz for dessert.

Punschkrapfen from Bernds Welt
Punschkrapfen from Bernds Welt. All mine <3
Pulled Jack burger from Jenonne
Pulled Jack burger from Jenonne
Hot dog from Veganz
Hot dog from Veganz

One more day

I was relieved of my usual Saturday morning duties (i.e. the grocery shopping for the week) due to the fact that we were spending the weekend with my parents so I once more visited Veganmania for a satisfying breakfast of a lentil-based burger from Vleischpflanzerl, followed by fresh juice. Dessert was a nut cake from Zuckero with vanilla ice cream on top.

Texaner burger from Vleischpflanzerl
Texaner burger from Vleischpflanzerl
Zuckero Wien vegan ice cream and cakes
Hazelnut-chocolate cake in a cup with vanilla ice cream on top <3

And whilst I was there looking at things I picked up face powder and foundation from Little Rabbit along with a bottle of alcohol-free white wine from Fürnkranz.

Long story short: I immensely enjoyed myself and can’t wait for Veganmania 2017 to happen. Rumour has it it’s going to be in front of the Vienna City Hall which would be legend.

Were you also there? What did you enjoy the most? Next year let me know so we can catch up!

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