Alicioustravels: Travel Essentials – Toiletries

Even when we travel short distances and with our car, I rarely bring full sizes. It’s actually a way of getting into travel-mode for me to refill shower gel, shampoo and other essentials into small – hopefully leak-proof – containers. Only when we visit warm locations will I bring a full-sized bottle of sunscreen Continue reading Alicioustravels: Travel Essentials – Toiletries

Alicioustravels: NEW SERIES Travel Essentials

I have been used to going on holidays from a very young age. As soon as I considered myself old enough, I started travelling on my own. Most of my friends will consider me “well-travelled” while I will look at a map and see all those places I have never been to – and many more that I would love to see again. Continue reading Alicioustravels: NEW SERIES Travel Essentials